It was in 1911 that a swarm of bees landed on Eugene STEININGER’s garden.... It was collected and taken care of like our own child. Since then, four generations have developped the business by adding to it in 1947, a trade of beekeeping equipement (LA MAISON DE L’APICULTURE) which enabled a fruitful contact with professional and amateur beekeepers.
New ideas, experience, doubts and lessons learned led us to rethink a new hive conciliating our favorites’immutable laws and the ambitions of beekeepers who reported to us their main concerns: swarming, agressivity, small collections, etc...

That hive which has recently been patented, is named 4x4 (like four equal sides and four gears) and is very successful today, for it has solved numerous problems linked with traditional equipment. In fact, only one basic element is standard and fulfills, according to the needs, the functions of brood cells and small hive. The fundamental bases of the hive with “movable’’ frames respected in the construction make it and easy hive to visit, enabling all operations and reducing the defence aspect of any bee breed, while favouring simplicity and profitability. Beekeeping has become pleasant and is today the main motivation of many of us!

Our beautiful province of Lorraine has a semi-continental climate alternating heat and rain, thus favouring an abundant vegetation of melliferous plants which are very convenient for bees. The production by our "RUCHERS de LORRAINE", of honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis has deliberately remained in the Vosges, away from agricultural or industiral pollution, is specialized in the collection of high quality fir honey which connoisseurs are fond of...

Our main Corporate name which was patented in 1947 is "LES GRANDS RUCHERS DE FRANCE", The names "MAISON DE L’APICULTURE" for beekeeping equipment and "RUCHERS DE LORRAINE" for bee products are two internal departments.

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Ruchers de Lorraine beekeeper : Honey, Royal Jelly, Propolis & Pollen