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Bottom Board Dadant-Blatt 10 in plastic

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Entrance door, Plate Drawer and other accessories sold separately. 


Outside dimensions : 430 x 540 x 44 mm (height)



Technical specifications :


_  Wires are injected with the piece. Ideal dimensions for pollen.

_  Entrance of 16 mm with notches to slide an entrance door (sold separately).


_  Total length : 540 mm, the flyingplate can be cut every 10 mm.


Prepierced wholes for our spring fasteners or for 4 screws which will fix the bottom to the body.

_  Prepercied wholes on two sides for 2 clips (sold separately). Same wholes on the body, honey chamber, hive top feeder, ... Possibility of assemble 4 clips between the bottom board and the body.

-  Antislipping notches on the bottom.

_  2 stops on the front and 4 centring block for the body.

_  1 vein in the middle of the flight's plank avoids its warping and allows to separate the beehive in _ parts with the help of one middle breeding's partition (not sell). Can be cut if necessary.

_  Extralight : 1,5 Kg VBack; 1,3 Kg VFull (1 Kg less than wood bottomboard).

_  Extrasmooth : no mould can stick.


To favour colony's brood development, you should close Full Ventilation Bottom Board on January 15th (indication for Franche-Comté, east part of France) with Plate Drawer (pierced of 5 evacuation holes of Ø 10 mm). The Drawer must be take off when you put the 2nd Honey Chamber.

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